What they're saying about Spamusement!

"Brilliant concept, poorly exectuted."

"these are really bad"

"Yawn. Just plain not funny. Not even interesting, or amusing, or even worth the time.."

"these are so bad that it almost makes me angry. i'm gonna go smoke. don't click on it if you think it will be funny, it's just not. it's not even retarded.... it's just.... who does he think he is? someone funny? nope. the horror.... the horror."

"Some are midly ammusing. Others I just don't get."

"'s just popularized misandry. A cartoon with the suggestion of either a naked woman or a woman with hairy legs scaring away adults and children would never be considered funny. It would be considered misogyny. Of course, I don't find this funny in the least bit."

"eh... i wasnt amused."

"Worth viewing for about 20 seconds, then you get it."

"your spam comic is fucking stupid. literal interpretations spam subject lines are not funny. especially when most of them are to be taken literally. try something more clever. i dont normally (in fact have never) go out of my way to tell people things like this, but this one i just cant let slide. that comic really makes me want to puke."

"I would say Syphilis is funnier"

(Don't worry, I also get happy emails.)